Our Suppliers

Filipico has a close relationship with all its suppliers located within the Republic of Albania. In its role as a company specialising in collecting, processing and marketing medicinal herbs and oils, Filipico has developed a continuous training programme for the staff working in the collection centres to ensure that the herbs and the plants are not damaged during collection and that the plants are protected for the future.

Market Position

Filipico has a well established position in the domestic market and has been the leading Albanian exporter of SAGE for the past ten years. It is also the market leader in exports to the USA. Although the Albanian medicinal herbs market is relatively small, it is nonetheless very competitive.

Our Clients

Filipico’s principal export market is the USA which accounts for 70% of sales. Other important export markets include France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Spain, Latvia, Ukraine.

Company Structure

The Filipi Company is in the sole ownership of Mr Filipi Gjoka. He is also the Managing Director of the company and is personally responsible for ensuring the reliable delivery of consistent, high quality products that meet the buyer’s specifications and for providing excellent customer service to all clients.