Our Suppliers

Our company has a wide geographical scope of suppliers from Veromshi in the North of Albania to Konispol in the South of our country, bringing support to every farmer, physical or juridical person who is involved in the cultivation, collection or processing of aromatic and medicinal plants.

Suppliers are the most important part in the production chain for any business that develops its activity.

“Filipi Co Herbs & Spices” has managed to cooperate with suppliers and individuals operating in this sector thanks to the seriousness and trust we have given they.

The values that we convey to our suppliers are Cooperation, Support, Trust, Training, Communication, etc.

We have always tried to support their work.


Lavandula Agustifolia Cultivation fields

Juniper Berries Wild craft

Salvia Officinalis Cultivation fields

Rosa Canina Wild craft

Our clients

“Filipi Co Herbs & Spices” as the leading company in the processing and export of medicinal and aromatic plants from Albania has a very wide market with loyal partners.

Our market consists of customers operating in the following sectors: Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Industrial, Tea, Extracts, Wholesale, Importers, Spices Broker, etc.

Our clients are located in the countries of Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, Australia.

The success of “Filipi Co Herbs & Spices” comes from satisfied and loyal customers who are happy with the quality of our products and the cooperation with an Albanian company.

Europe Market
USA Market
Canada Market
South America Market
Asia Market
Australia Market

"Filipi Co Herbs & Spices" team

Filipi Co grows every day thanks to the work and dedication of every member who contributes to this company. The “Filipi Co Herbs & Spices” team is organized in a hierarchical structure where each department collaborates and communicates to achieve the fulfillment of short, medium and long term requirements and objectives.



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Non-profit organizations/Associations

Filipi Co Herbs & Spices is a member of the “Association of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants“, where the president of the company, Mr. Filip Gjoka, is also the president of the AMAP/IBMA association.

The purpose of the associations is the organization and cooperation of businesses and institutions to raise the problems faced by businesses. The purpose of the “AMAP” organization is the consultation of the industry and the cooperation of the actors of this industry for its development.

The company participates in national and international projects and organizations in the framework of the development and improvement of processing technologies, training regarding the processing of plants or the training and development of the staff of Filipi Co Herbs & Spices.

“AMAP” association